Why does my boyfriend use dating sites

Keep talking to your parents, your boyfriend, your friends, a therapist, or a minister. I'm 21, finishing up my last year at school, and he is 23 and took a job 1,000 miles away.

It took a little while to adjust to a LDR, and everything is going super well now.

You sound confused and stressed out — and that's absolutely normal in your situation.

Long-distance relationships are stressful for everyone. And when you go out dancing and have a few drinks, it's perfectly reasonable to dance with other guys. And when we're dating someone far away, we all want a little attention.

Onscreen, we don't see a lot of guys who don't have a strong sex drive, but they're out there.

And it sounds like you've found one who's barely affectionate at all. And that's got to be confusing when he's so hands-off (and lips-off) around you.

Should I break up with my boyfriend or at least tell him of my actions?

Tell him that you love him and that you're happy, but you've noticed a difference between the two of you and you think talking about it could make your relationship even better.In principle, your dance floor flirting sounds fine to me.I don't think you should break up with your boyfriend.Tell him that you've always been a physically affectionate person who enjoys cuddles and kissing, sex, and foreplay.That you love flowers and "cute dates." And it seems like he's wired a little differently. And tell him that it would mean a lot to you if he made a little more effort in this arena.

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