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No support for Internet Explorer 11 and older at this time For this early run of the camera we are using You Tube and it looks like they do not support Internet Explorer 11 and older with the type of stream that is being delivered from our new camera.We will look into this further before the nesting season starts. Note to viewers: This is live video of wild bald eagles living in nature. Rewind video for instant replay: There are normal You Tube rewind capabilities with this video feed.

The program is largely supported by donations from people like you.

Both parents incubate the eggs and switch several times a day.

With this pair, the female appears to have a brighter, whiter head than the male.

Whether you enjoy biking, strolling or just people watching, the Seawall is the place to be!

Lining over seven miles of beaches, the Seawall, which is 17 feet high, was built to protect the island from tidal surges and hurricane force winds.

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The only visible physical difference between adult male and female American Bald eagles is their size.

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