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To the film's credit - even to a loyal fan - it was still a shock to the system, with its rather depressing depiction of one man trapped inside the notion of celebrity, while destined to make the same kind of movie ad infinitum for the rest of his career.

An experience improved by not knowing anything about the film’s content, so I won’t go into detail (and you should probably stop reading now if you still haven’t had the pleasure of seeing it), but I can’t not mention the monologue, simply titled ‘assessment of my life’ on the DVD chapter menu.

Thinking about it, it’s exactly the element that’s missing from which is something Stallone should address as soon as possible. Speaking of such things, the rather fine re-teaming of singer Stan Bush and composer Paul Hertzog (they’d both done the music for had on my affinity for Van Damme, without contextualising.

To many people, I’m sure, it’s just a film about a man earning money through underground fights, to help out the wife and child of his murdered brother, but in my mid-teens it was absolutely beloved.

Bourdain recently shot an episode of his show “Parts Unknown” in Rome with Argento — and the Italian press has reported the two have fallen for each other.It’s a sublime moment in a great film, and thoroughly worth a watch if you’ve been undecided up to this point.In an interview I read post , the man himself stated that he’d love to film a three-hour monologue, but wasn’t sure anyone would be up to the challenge, or that it would have any chance of release due its nature, but I can tell you now that I would happily indulge for that length of time - and I even have a camera…One site said they’ve “fallen in love,” and Italian magazine Chi ran pics of the pair walking hand in hand and also passionately kissing after shopping at a local market.Page Six exclusively revealed last September that Bourdain was separated from his wife, Ottavia, who trains as an MMA fighter.

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Bourdain’s ex has said of him, “My husband half-jokes that he married Sophia Loren, but ended up with Jean-Claude Van Damme.” Argento is the 41-year-old daughter of iconic Italian director Dario Argento, and co-starred in “x Xx” with Vin Diesel.

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