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For them, promises to the gods were spiritual rituals meant to keep things running smoothly for the rest of the year.Later, the Romans did something similar, making their resolutions in the name of Janus.In 1740, more modern resolutions began to emerge when John Wesley created a new kind of church service.Held for those who wanted a quiet night of reflection instead of a party, attendees at the Covenant Renewal Services promised to continue their faithful service to God.Today, people who make resolutions tend to select ones that are more about appearance.

In some cases, we should be glad we don’t celebrate like our ancestors did.

By the 1950s, the tradition of green beer was firmly associated with St.

Paddy’s Day, with billions of green pints served every year.

The first people to make new year’s resolutions were the ancient Babylonians, who promised to make good on outstanding debts and to return any borrowed property.

However, their new year began with the spring harvest.

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